About Me

I use my vision and my camera to share the experience and beauty of life with others. Everyday I photograph the simple, passing moments of life. From the trials of HIV affected women in Zaire to the challenges of Mauritanian refugees struggling to build a new home in the United States, my camera brings people together through photographs.

A Rutgers College graduate, I decided to pursue my passion for photography at the New England School of Photography. After a 10-year career in the newspaper industry, I've taken a break from daily assignment work to focus on an in depth documentary project photographing in Uganda's Acholi Quarter.

The beauty, grace and generosity of the Acholi people have led me down an unexpected path, one which has transformed me from simply being a photographer, to becoming a close friend. And that friendship has led me to start Project Have Hope, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Project Have Hope seeks to empower a group of Acholi women to take charge of their future by providing them with the education and means to create sustainable economic solutions. To learn more about the project and view photos, visit www.ProjectHaveHope.org